After being “frustrated” and “insulted” by not being selected for doubles, Dan Evans is considering quitting the British Davis Cup squad.

Evans, the world’s number 26 player, made his Davis Cup debut in 2009 against Poland and was on the winning squad in 2015.

To yet, though, all of his tennis experience has been in the singles arena; he has never competed in a Davis Cup doubles match.

While in Glasgow last month, he saw Great Britain lose in a doubles final against the Netherlands.

This is quite irritating. It’s a letdown. When asked about his lack of Davis Cup doubles selection, Evans said, “To be honest, it’s a little humiliating also that I haven’t been selected ever.

This is spoken with the utmost respect for the doubles players: “I have nothing against the doubles players, and I have no desire to play doubles on the tour to show how brilliant I am at doubles. In certain situations, I find that I can usually succeed.

For a Davis Cup match, I believe it is important to consider factors other than doubles rankings, such as whether or not the players’ playing styles mesh.

Evans has competed in 18 ATP Tour doubles matches this year and reached the final of the Canadian Open.
Along tennis fellow Brit Neal Skupski, he made it to two ATP 1000 doubles finals in 2021.

Team captain Leon Smith instead chose Andy Murray and Joe Salisbury to represent the United States in Glasgow, leaving out Evans and Skupski. Skupski and Salisbury were selected to represent their country in last year’s Davis Cup Finals.

While in Austria, Evans said, “I had the talk” requesting to play.
I don’t know why I’ve never participated in the Davis Cup, although I did try out for a team with Neal once for a year.


As I mentioned, it’s annoying and demeaning, and I have to consider whether or not I want to put myself in that position again if we don’t improve our situation.

It’s up to Smith, the captain, whether he wants to go a different direction, so maybe I should have a chat and sit down.

I don’t want to play for myself; I want to play because I believe that’s best for the team, so this is frustrating for both of us.

As the country’s number two singles player behind Cameron Norrie, losing Evans would be a major blow for Great Britain.

To quote him: “My main motivation for playing Davis Cup is because I want my nation to perform well.

“It’s not about singles vs doubles; I simply want the greatest team on the court. And the past few times, it’s been tough to be sitting on the bench thinking, ‘I believe I’m a better choice.'”

I may live to regret the fact that I was never given the chance to play.

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