Ten European countries' coaches have earned their WBSC certification

In Diessen, Netherlands, WBSC Coach Commission chairman Marco Mazzieri hosted coaches from Sweden, Poland, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Türkiye, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Germany, and Romania for a training seminar.
In order to be ready for the WBSC Coach Licensing exams, fourteen baseball coaches from Sweden, Poland, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Türkiye, Czechia, Belgium, Germany, and Romania attended a training camp.

WBSC certification

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The training was presented during the fifth European Softball Coaches Association (ESCA) Training Camp in Diessen, the Netherlands, and was led by WBSC Coach Commission chairman Marco Mazzieri and seasoned international coach and scout Mauro Mazzotti.

The 14 coaches were schooled in both theoretical and practical aspects of coaching in order to pass the WBSC Level 1 or Level 2 licensure exams. There are now nine Level 2 WBSC-licensed coaches and five Level 1 coaches.

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According to Marco Mazzieri, “we saw a really enthusiastic group of 14 coaches” that attended the Level 1 and Level 2 Baseball Courses. It is quite impressive that they took the time to be there when everyone is constantly so busy doing millions of things, as I remarked throughout the course.

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